Our Mission | North Coast Cal-SOAP

The Mission of North Coast Cal-SOAP is to provide information about postsecondary education and financial aid to elementary through high school students while raising their academic achievement levels. In particular, California Student Opportunity and Access Program is committed to providing services to students from any of the following backgrounds:

  • Students from low-income families
  • Students from families in which they would be the first to attend college
  • Students from schools with documented low college eligibility or participation rates
  • Students from geographic areas with documented low college eligibility or participation rates

We work to provide access to low-income and first generation students who have the potential to succeed in postsecondary education. Each project must apply criteria that will provide it with a pool of students who are eligible for Cal-SOAP services. It should be noted that students in grades seven through twelve are considered secondary school students. The law provides for service to community college students and elementary students, under certain conditions. Projects may assist community college students in transferring to four-year institutions. Projects may provide assistance to low-income fifth and sixth grade students.

The benchmark for identifying low-income students in the Income Ceiling Levels scale used by Cal Grant B, revised annually and sent by Commission staff to Project Directors by February each year.

Effective August 27, 1996, state law requires that all state services be provided only to U.S. citizens and legal residents of California.

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