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The Early Success workgroup focuses on the "early years" continuum ages 0-8. There is strong evidence through research demonstrating that providing early intervention, especially in the area of reading, is critical as it correlates with academic success, high school graduation, post-secondary success, and workforce competence.

By preparing our youth and ensuring their Kindergarten readiness, expanding early enrichment opportunities, and providing one-on-one early literacy support, our youth will be better prepared to succeed in school. The strong partnerships with organizations such as First 5 Humboldt are helping to shape the resources and services available to our young people and their families.

Below is a list of resources and activities supported by the Decade of Difference in the Early Success Impact Area. You can filter the list by using the dropdowns below.



Baby's First Year Calendar (Ages 0-1)
Contact: Judi Andersen | 707-445-7006

The "Baby's First Year" Activity Calendar was developed as a resource for parents, to provide information regarding year one expected developmental milestones and includes interactive activities promoting cognitive and communicative development.


Core Growth Early Learning Assessment Suite (Grades TK-K)
Contact: Cindi Kaup | 707-441-3912

The Core Growth Early Learning Assessment Suite was developed by a team of local teachers with the support of the Humboldt County Office of Education and the Decade of Difference. It was designed to provide teachers with snapshots of a child's skills as they enter either Transitional Kindergarten or Kindergarten. The Suite includes assessments that can be easily completed on a computer or tablet that articulate into progress reports/report cards.

The assessments are evidence informed, based on readiness skills outlined in the California Preschool Learning Foundations and the Kindergarten Common Core Standards. Four areas of development are screened: Language and Literacy, Mathematics, Social/Emotional, and Self-Portrait Development.

The suite includes:
  • Kindergarten Readiness Assessment (KST)
  • Transition Kindergarten - Full Year Inventory (FYI-TK) English and Spanish
  • Kindergarten Full Year Inventory (FYI-K) English and Spanish (Ages 0-8)
Contact: Cindi Kaup | 707-441-3912 is a website dedicated to the development of children ages 0-8. It is designed to be a resource for both parents/caregivers as well as early educators.


Early Literacy Partners Tutoring Program (Reading: Grades TK, K, 1; Math: Grades 1-2)
Contact: Olivia Kernen | 707-445-7007

The Early Literacy Partners Program trains and places volunteers to assist students who are struggling with, or reluctant in, reading and math. Volunteers are placed in a classroom and work with up to three students.


Early Years Story Time Kits (Ages 0-5)

Through support from a Target Educational grant, 12 story time kits were developed and distributed to elementary school libraries across the County. The schools host story time hours as a way of familiarizing future Kindergarteners to their neighborhood school as well as promoting the importance of literacy.


Getting Ready for Kindergarten (Parents of incoming kindergartners)
Contact: Judi Andersen | 707-445-7006

Produced in partnership with the Local Child Care Planning Council, this guide for parents of children entering Kindergarten offers information to prepare for this milestone transition. The guide and a "Countdown to Kindergarten" summer activities calendar is available online in both English and Spanish.


Parent Partners in Education (Families with children Pre K-12)
Contact: Agustín Amaro | 707-502-4343

In partnership with the CSU Chancellors Office, this parent education program offers classes designed to increase parent engagement and promote a college-going culture for all families, with special efforts to reach those parents who may not have had the opportunity to attend college themselves. The curriculum includes understanding of educational systems, ways to support student success, and advocacy and leadership skills.


School-Ready Child Growth Chart (Ages 0-5)
Contact: Judi Andersen | 707-445-7006

These charts provide parents with a fun way to measure a child's height while learning about important developmental milestones.

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