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Financial Aid | GO! Beyond High School

There are many ways to pay for college or career training and it is best to plan ahead. Financial aid is the term referring to any program that offers money to assist with the costs associated with being a student. This includes tuition help, scholarships, living stipends, textbook costs, child care benefits, work grants, and more. Financial aid can come from many sources including, the federal government, state government, institutional (colleges, universities and technical programs), and private funding (scholarships and savings).

Using a checklist to make sure you take advantage of all events and activities during middle and high school which will help you plan ahead and reach your senior year with options. This will also help you pay attention to important financial aid deadlines.

The first step for gaining access to the maximum amount of financial aid available is to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid or FAFSA. This single application is the gateway to federal, state and institutional financial aid.

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