NOTICE: This website is no longer updated, as the Decade of Difference initiative has reached its sunset date. Relevant information has been transferred to the main HCOE site.

Activities & Resources

The Decade of Difference is involved in numerous programs, activities and resources throughout Humboldt County. Browse through the list below, or use the dropdowns to narrow down the list to any combination of districts, age groups and impact areas.

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Baby's First Year Calendar
Contact: Judi Andersen | 707-445-7006

The "Baby's First Year" Activity Calendar was developed as a resource for parents, to provide information regarding year one expected developmental milestones and includes interactive activities promoting cognitive and communicative development.
Ages 0-1


Career Frontiers
Contact: Jim Ritter | 707-498-2917

Gain new insights and perspectives, and learn about job and career opportunities through a series of panels, workshops, field trips and job shadows.
Grades 9-12


Cash For College Workshops
Contact: Decade of Difference | 707-445-7020 An interactive hands-on event held at our comprehensive high schools designed to provide parents and students the support needed to successfully apply for financial aid by completing the FASFA or Dream Act applications.
Grade 12 students and parents


College & Career Planning
Contact: Decade of Difference | 707-445-7020 What will you do after high school? Is there a college or career training path for you? Do you need help figuring out how to pay for the education or training you will need? The information and resources offered by Go! Beyond High School can help answer some of these questions.

Go! Beyond High School is a program coordinated by the Decade of Difference, and funded by a grant from College Access Foundation of California. Our focus is to provide current financial aid information, made available to all high school students, parents and high school support staff, emphasizing the importance of the financial aid application process and related deadlines.
Grades 9-12


Community Giving Opportunities
Contact: Heidi Moore | 707-441-4502

Opportunity for organizations, businesses, and institutions to provide financial support, staff time, and/or other resources that promote the services and activities of the Decade of Difference.
All businesses, organizations & institutions


Community Outreach & Volunteerism
Contact: Heidi Moore | 707-441-4502

Educating our community about the Decade of Difference Initiative and the ways in which they can engage and get involved. Opportunities exist to support programs, activities, services that connect to an individual's specific interest, time availability and level of expertise.


Computer Refurbishing Project

Working with community volunteers, this project refurbishes donated computers and provides them to needy students and families. The program also provides computers to parents participating in the Parent Partners in Education Program to help them become more engaged in supporting their children's educational success.
Based on eligibility and need


Core Growth Early Learning Assessment Suite
Contact: Cindi Kaup | 707-441-3912

The Core Growth Early Learning Assessment Suite was developed by a team of local teachers with the support of the Humboldt County Office of Education and the Decade of Difference. It was designed to provide teachers with snapshots of a child's skills as they enter either Transitional Kindergarten or Kindergarten. The Suite includes assessments that can be easily completed on a computer or tablet that articulate into progress reports/report cards.

The assessments are evidence informed, based on readiness skills outlined in the California Preschool Learning Foundations and the Kindergarten Common Core Standards. Four areas of development are screened: Language and Literacy, Mathematics, Social/Emotional, and Self-Portrait Development.

The suite includes:
  • Kindergarten Readiness Assessment (KST)
  • Transition Kindergarten - Full Year Inventory (FYI-TK) English and Spanish
  • Kindergarten Full Year Inventory (FYI-K) English and Spanish

Grades TK-K
Contact: Cindi Kaup | 707-441-3912 is a website dedicated to the development of children ages 0-8. It is designed to be a resource for both parents/caregivers as well as early educators.
Ages 0-8


Crafting Up Business
Contact: Karen Brooks | 707-445-7563

Middle school students learn the principles of entrepreneurship, creativity, and innovation. Crafting Up practices the concepts of ideation, branding, finance and marketing towards the goal of actual sales. The ultimate goal is to help students develop products they are able to sell at local craft fairs, holiday festivals, and more.
Grades 6-8


Early Literacy Partners Teacher Training
Contact: Olivia Kernen | 707-445-7007

Training for TK-2nd grade teachers who participate in the Early Literacy Partners Program in an effort to acquaint them with the purpose and process of the program.
Early Learning Partners Teachers


Early Literacy Partners Tutoring Program
Contact: Olivia Kernen | 707-445-7007

The Early Literacy Partners Program trains and places volunteers to assist students who are struggling with, or reluctant in, reading and math. Volunteers are placed in a classroom and work with up to three students.
Reading: Grades TK, K, 1; Math: Grades 1-2


Early Years Story Time Kits

Through support from a Target Educational grant, 12 story time kits were developed and distributed to elementary school libraries across the County. The schools host story time hours as a way of familiarizing future Kindergarteners to their neighborhood school as well as promoting the importance of literacy.
Ages 0-5


Elementary School Financial Literacy Lessons
Contact: Chérie Zygaczenko | 707-445-7007

Working with local financial institution partners, we coordinate professionals to deliver vetted and age appropriate lessons to elementary school classes in an effort to engage students to begin to think about their choices when it comes to money, wants, needs, and planning.
Grades K-5


FAFSA and the FAFSA Completion Project
Contact: Decade of Difference | 707-445-7020 The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is your gateway to financial aid and opens the door for you to receive grants, loans, work study and certain college, university and career technical program scholarships. In addition, many states and colleges use your FAFSA information to determine your eligibility for state and school aid, and some private financial aid providers may use your FAFSA information to determine whether you qualify for their aid.
Graduating Seniors & College


Financial Aid Counselor Training

Providing comprehensive training in the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), Cal Grants, Dream Act, and other post-secondary funding resources to those who provide academic counseling services and advising to high school youth and their families.
Student Support Services Professionals


Financial Aid Lesson Plans
Contact: Chérie Zygaczenko | 707-445-7007

Six lesson plans have been designed to support Civics and Economics teachers with a comprehensive tool that engages 12th grade students in the successful completion of the FAFSA or Dream Act applications.
Grade 12 students and Civics and Economics teachers


Getting Ready for Kindergarten
Contact: Judi Andersen | 707-445-7006

Produced in partnership with the Local Child Care Planning Council, this guide for parents of children entering Kindergarten offers information to prepare for this milestone transition. The guide and a "Countdown to Kindergarten" summer activities calendar is available online in both English and Spanish.
Parents of incoming kindergartners


High School Financial Literacy Lessons
Contact: Karen Brooks | 707-445-7563

In partnership with more than 10 local financial, accounting and insurance institutions, we deliver age appropriate lessons and activities covering some of the key principles of financial literacy. This can be tailored into a day-long event or over the course of a weekly series.

Topics include: Spending Plans & Budgeting; Earning & Income; Insurance; Taxes; Credit; Investing & Savings; College & Financial Aid Planning; and Identity Theft.
Grades 9-12


Humboldt College/Career Expo
Contact: Cindy Porter | 707-441-3973

An evening designed to provide high school students and their families with information about college and career opportunities. College representatives from across California and the nation provide school specific information. Additionally, break-out sessions are held regarding NCAA eligibility, CSU and UC Admissions, the California Community College System, and financial aid.
All welcome


I've Been Admitted To College
Contact: Susi Huschle | 707-601-4307

This program provides 7th grade students across the county with exposure to the wealth of courses and interactive workshops offered at our local community college, College of the Redwoods. Additionally, 8th grade students experience a similar exposure at Humboldt State University, our local CSU institution. Both programs include a focus on student support services, admission requirements, and financial aid overview. All participating students receive a compact guaranteeing future admission.
Grades 7-8


Ideas at Work
Contact: Karen Brooks | 707-445-7563

Middle school students have the opportunity to participate in high school-sponsored summer career technical education camps that introduce them to the array of career technical opportunities offered in high school.
Incoming 7th and 8th graders


Industrial Arts & Technology Fair
Contact: Tanya Trump | 707-445-7164

This Fair provides local high school youth enrolled in an array of industrial arts career technical courses across the county with an opportunity to showcase and sell their best work. The Fair celebrates the importance of industrial arts in education and provides a forum for the community to see the amazing student work that is generated.
Grades 9-12


INNOVATE! Business Challenge
Contact: Karen Brooks | 707-445-7563

The INNOVATE! Business Challenge is a competition for high school-aged students, who create ideas and business plans for a startup. Grand prizes in the three-phase contest total up to $2,500.

The Challenge is part of an effort to promote the principles of entrepreneurship, creativity, and innovation. Integration with important financial literacy concepts, branding and marketing is included. The ultimate goal is to help launch student business start-ups with local business mentoring.
Grades 9-12


Kuder Navigator
Contact: Susi Huschle | 707-601-4307

A web-based college and career exploration tool that navigates students through a process of assessing their post-secondary interest, and guides them to develop a plan that supports their goals. The tool includes resume builders, college search, interest assessments, access to peer reviewed portals, and an on-line portfolio.
Grades 7-12


Kuder Navigator Teacher Training
Contact: Susi Huschle | 707-601-4307

Providing training and coaching to local 6th-12th grade teachers who are interested in implementing the on-line Kuder Navigator college and career exploration tool into their curriculum.
Teachers - Grades 6-12


Lemonade Day
Contact: Karen Brooks | 707-445-7563

Lemonade Day is a nation-wide event presented locally by AEDC and Decade of Difference, with additional support from local sponsors. It teaches kids how to start, own and operate a business using a lemonade stand.
Grades K-8


North Coast Cal-SOAP
Contact: Cindy Porter | 707-441-3973

The Northcoast Cal-SOAP Consortium provides academic tutoring and college advisement to low-income and first-generation students who have the potential to succeed in post-secondary education. Programs range from in-class tutoring and workshops on financial aid and how to apply for college, to college tours and college and career fairs.
Grades 7-12


North Coast College Access Scholarship
Contact: Decade of Difference | 707-445-7020 This is a scholarship program designed to support eligible low-income and first generation students to help offset the costs associated with college. This program also provides ongoing advising and support to students who are prior scholarship recipients in an effort to increase successful degree attainment.
Graduating seniors and previous scholarship recipients


Parent Partners in Education
Contact: Agustín Amaro | 707-502-4343

In partnership with the CSU Chancellors Office, this parent education program offers classes designed to increase parent engagement and promote a college-going culture for all families, with special efforts to reach those parents who may not have had the opportunity to attend college themselves. The curriculum includes understanding of educational systems, ways to support student success, and advocacy and leadership skills.
Families with children Pre K-12


Scholarship Central
Contact: Decade of Difference | 707-445-7020 Through local partnerships, we will develop a "one-stop shop" for all of our local scholarships in an effort to make it easier for students and families to understand, search and apply for financial resources and aid that is available to them in our local community.
Graduating high school seniors


School-Ready Child Growth Chart
Contact: Judi Andersen | 707-445-7006

These charts provide parents with a fun way to measure a child's height while learning about important developmental milestones.
Ages 0-5


Student Planners
Contact: Susi Huschle | 707-601-4307

A comprehensive daily planner that includes organizational tips, information regarding important local resources, college deadline reminders, and more. Students, teachers, and parents are encouraged to use this as an important communication tool between school and home.
Grades 6-12


The Awesome Preztel Cart
Contact: Kay Becker | 707-786-5900

Through a generous donation from Guy Fieri's Cooking with Kids Foundation, Ferndale Elementary School received a replica of Guy Fieri's portable pretzel stand for use in fundraising efforts. Students also learn aspects of entrepreneurship, customer service, and financial literacy.
Grades 6-8 at Ferndale Elementary

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