Program Services | North Coast Cal-SOAP

Cal-SOAP offers support and assistance to college and academic counselors, middle and high school students and their families. The program is built around the following components:

Academic Tutoring Support

Cal-SOAP recognizes that academic success in school will provide more options for students after high school. Academic tutors undergo a comprehensive training process to work with students in schools. Tutors are responsible for providing intensive, one-on-one or small group academic enrichment session to assist students in their core classes and other academic skills.

College Access Information

Cal-SOAP manages a team of highly trained college students to serve as the program's primary resource of outreach. These College Academic Access Tutors are trained to provide support for school counseling personnel in Humboldt County middle and high schools. The tutors address the needs of middle school and high school students through 1:1 conferences, in classroom presentations and in small groups. At these sessions, information is disseminated about college

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